What If I Am Upside Down – Owing More on My House Than It’s Worth In Today’s Market?

You aren’t alone. The changes in fortune over the last few years have left some homeowners owing more on their home than it is currently worth. That’s called being “upside down.” Your situation isn’t hopeless and there still may be some things we can do to help you sell your home. If you need to sell your home, don’t wait. The sooner you explore your options, the better.

One option may be a short sale. In a short sale, you sell your house and settle your mortgage debt for less than the amount you owe.The company that holds your mortgage would have to approve this and the process can be daunting.

The Ramey Team has experience with short sales, holds the SFR® certification from the National Association of Realtors® and we can help you navigate your way through the process.

Each situation is different so let’s talk about yours. Just reach out to us and we’ll see if we can help!


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