Why Don’t We Price It High Now And See What Happens? We Can Always Drop It Later.

Your property is going to attract the most interest in the first 3 weeks it is listed. If it’s priced too high when it hits the market, it’s a missed opportunity that could have serious consequences!

  • Overpriced properties can’t compete with others in their price range so potential buyers will pass you by.
  • Agents preview homes in the first weeks they are on the market. If yours is priced too high then, they might just disregard it for their potential buyer and not even show it!
  • Other agents see the same comparable sales we do – and they know your property is overpriced.

Overpriced properties stay on the market longer. As the number of days on the market continue to add up, your property may become stigmatized and appear “distressed” to prospective buyers who see an opportunity for a low ball offer. Most buyers will take DOM (days on the market) into consideration in their offer price on any property.

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Another thing to consider is that mortgages are based on fair market value, not the sale price. So even if someone falls in love with your home and agrees to your higher asking price, if it fails to appraise for that amount, there could be trouble. It will either force the buyer to make up the difference between fair market value (appraised price) and contract price in cash or cause the sale to fall through.

We want your home to hit the market as a HOT PROPERTY – so we can get the very best price for your home as quickly as possible!

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